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So, How Does Someone Become a Member of Grace?

Good question!  Being a "Member" means making a decision to be a part of the Fellowship, Mission and Ministry of Grace Lutheran Church.

The Fellowship begins with regular worship, sharing the sacraments of Christ, and being included in some form of Bible study or small group.

The Mission and Ministry means being involved in what we do as a congregation, how we function as an organization with people taking specific responsibilities, i.e. Council members, officers, board members, etc.  It means supporting our outreach to the community and the world through what we give and how we serve in Christ's name.

There are various ways people can become Members:

  • You can "Transfer" if you had previous church and ask them to transfer your membership.  If you need assistance, our office staff can help.
  • If your membership has lapsed, you can be received by "Affirmation of Faith".  Talk to the Pastor about that.
  • If you are joining with a different background in a different denomination or with no church background, talk to the Pastor about a "Church Membership Class".  The key ingredients of Lutheran Christianity are covered.

You will be publicly received on a Sunday morning, and introduced to the congregation.  If we can assist in this process talk to the pastor or office staff.

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